The Yoe Distribution

The Yoe Distribution is a collection of documentation and best practices that will help you efficiently build Embedded Linux images and maintain them over your project lifecycle.

using the OpenEmbedded build system and tooling from the Yocto project to create products. This distribution does not end at demo images but rather begins there.


Yoe keeps your build system as simple as possible by using Git repositories and Bash scripts. No external tools (like Repo) are required. No complex scripts copying files from obscure locations during setup. Directory structure is organized and easy to search. Any changes made are easily captured with Git. No magic – just common sense tooling.


An optional Docker container is provided to simplify building images on any Linux machine over the lifecycle or your product.

Configurable with Sane defaults

There are many choices to make when creating an Embedded Linux system. We chose default policies that make sense and provide templates for selecting the init-system, graphics libraries, windowing system, etc.

Well Documented

Clear documentation on how to get started and accomplish common tasks.

Broad architecture support

Yoe supports standard reference platforms like the Raspberry PI and Beaglebone. Any machine (ARM/ARM64/x86/x86-64/ppc/mips/mips64/RISCV64/RISCV32) can be added.

Current and well Supported

We continually test the latest OpenEmbedded layers and maintain copies of all repositories to ensure things work, as well work with upstream providers as needed to resolve issues.